Thursday, August 21, 2014

It’s the final season of glee. It’s our last chance to ever see any Klaine interactions. And the writers can’t even give us that. Instead we have to watch them be apart, just to probably get back together in the finale.

Is it too much to ask to just want to see a few more episodes with Klaine, since they will be our last ones ever?

Oh Jesus. This is why I left the glee fandom. These fucking writers, man…

Why can’t we just have klaine?

tirpse said: The only blog that has a calendar for Darren events and things is darrencrissnews and obviously they can only know it when things are announced somewhere previously. Both NY appearances this month happened unannounced. Fandom didn't know he would appear at either of the two.

Oh ok! Cool. Thank you! I didn’t know that. Damn Darren! Haha

Anonymous said: and both times were unannounced/surprise appearances

Ohhhhh gotcha

[UHQ] Laverne Cox, Darren Criss and Kathy Griffin perform onstage at the Delta Open Mic with Serena Williams event on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 in New York.

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sliang3: It’s the island of misfit/AHMAZING toys singin’ classic destiny’s child. @lavernecox @darrencriss and @kathygriffin jammin at #delta open mic for #usopen. #getit

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